In 2020, many, including myself, have been afraid and discouraged with this new virus. But, even picking up garbage and recyclables as the waste coordinator, I never put much thought that I would get it. So… I’ve now had COVID-19. But before you run away from me when you see me, I have thankfully tested negative. And gratefully, the COVID swab tests they stuck all the way up my nose didn’t pull out too much of my brains (though it literally feels like they will).

So, I thank God; He has brought me through, though it was a rough battle to deal with. The sickness was unpleasant with such things as losing my taste/smell and the tiredness. It was perhaps harder having to be isolated for days on end.

But I realize others have had it worse than I. A beloved evangelist couple from Louisville passed away in August with COVID. I had known them for over 20 years, and they greatly impacted my life for Jesus when they would come to Russellville. I have mourned and wondered, “Why’d they have to pass away right now?” But I know that couple is doing wonderfully today in the arms of their Lord and Savior.

I know I don’t have all the answers, but Psalm 131:1-2 reminds me I can’t focus on all the why’s. Like a weaned child that trusts his mother he will be fed, it’s good to wait on God and trust Him. He has proven to me many times He is worthy of my trust, whether I’m preaching up a storm or sick flat on my back. And many in the church and community have encouraged me in all this. God uses this as a reminder that people do care.

With this rough year, God knows all we are going through now in Logan County and all over the world. He will supply our needs, right on time. God is still on the throne and He can bring revival through this if we trust Him.