With a sense of sincere disgust and mental churning, I have to admit that Evil does exist. There is a profound immorality and wickedness in this world. There are people that have surrendered to the influence of Evil and their hearts are cold, indifferent and dark. They hate, hinder and destroy whatever they can, in the name of selfishness, greed and dislike for anything good, right or holy.

But I choose to refrain from dwelling on Evil and its followers and their antics. I prefer to focus on the sweet smile of a small child, a cheerful giggle of a 3 year old touching a Praying Mantis or a simple smile of one I love. Evil exists, bad happens and darkness moves with its heaviness on this place we call Earth, but I choose to cling to that which is simple, innocent and pure. I seek to know that which is holy, loving and caring.
There is Evil but there is so much good. There is Evil but there is a love that only comes from a little baby holding an adult’s finger for dear life, a joyful young person that has achieved their goal, a parent that tenderly lets go of their grown child, with fear and trembling and a spouse of 59 years reaching out for their partners hand to hold.
God is the great creator and sustainer of life, but He is also the Guide that will direct your path, if you allow Him the opportunity. He will show you the lighter side of things and the blessings sprinkled across this land. He will allow Evil to exist for now, but He will not be overcome or distracted by its pull or influence. He is far too great for such things, And He will bless you this day, seek His face, look in His direction, read His words and rest in His presence.
Philippians 4:7 states, “the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
Be still for a moment, surrender your thoughts and time to God and rest in the good, holy and right, because Evil exist, but our Father God is far greater than any Evil in existence.