By Tulip Green Lake Malone News

Where in the world did summer go? I can't believe it is August already.

We have had a wonderful summer on the lake. Not too many boats like we usually have. But one thing that happened made me think the Hubby had flipped. He told me there was this orange thing that was going back and forth in front of our house. I immediately thought it was an Otter. But then I realized that it was a swimmer getting her daily exercise. That was a graceful sight to see. All you saw was her swim cap and that orange float that let everyone know she was there. I thought she was really brave to swim on Sunday when we have the most boat traffic. It didn't seem to bother her, she just swam on like she was the only one on the lake. I just sat and watched her and not one person came close to her.

I must tell you that I had the most wonderful experience this week. After my steps down into the water was hit by a boat, I had difficulty finding a small metal thing that held them secure to the dock. Finally after looking everywhere, I took the ladder to H & H Metal in Russellville and they immediately came to my rescue. They made a bracket for me. Just love you people.

I must tell you about my "duck situation." Miss Duck disappeared. I thought she was probably sitting on eggs. She was gone this time. I had given up hope ever to see her again. Then all of a sudden she was at my door. Man was I glad to see her. I was so happy, I forgot and left their Cheerios container on the patio and when I returned, the container was overturned and all the cheerios were gone. Of course there was a little squirrel looking up at me with a grin on his face and a belly that looked full of cheerios. Ask me if I got the squirrel trap out!!!!

Then my neighbor has been feeding those cute little "darlings" on her porch. She left to go for a visit and on her return found a tomato in the middle of her kitchen floor half eaten. She then found a hole eaten in her screen where they had just proceeded to come on in and help themselves. Ask me if they had fun checking the entire house for other squirrels that planned on spending the night "in doors"! My advice to you is "DO NOT FEEL THE SQUIRRELS"! They will find a way not into your heart but into your house!

On to a happier note and a warning also! Since the Hubby has been a little under the weather, I felt I should learn to navigate our pontoon. You know it looks so easy when you are laying back and enjoying the ride when someone else is doing all the work. Well, ladies it is not that easy. The first thing I learned is that a pontoon does not have a brake paddle. Also the wind does not affect you driving your car and man it was windy today when I started my lessons. Say a prayer for me and all the boats that are around me. I did not enjoy those moments today at all. Till next time, Bye now.a