In a world where the news is often ugly and with media keeping us in suspense for more to come, could it be as Mary Oliver writes that "maybe the desire to make something beautiful is the piece of God that is inside each of us." Is the carnage of irresponsible governments our heritage, or can we tap the spirit of God within us to create something beautiful?

A Genesis story tells us that after creating the world "God saw that it was good." "God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good." (Genesis Chapter 1)

From earliest times people have discovered that the spirit of God dwells within each person. We were created to create beauty ourselves and to discover the beauty that is within each of us. Sometimes we don't look at each other as God sees us. God sees the Spirit's presence within each of us. If only we could rise above our cities and see as God sees. I'm sure we would discover within our DNA the potential for beauty. The canvas is clear for something beautiful to be painted.

A prayer that helps me remember the call to beauty is one by Michel Quoist. Here is the first part of that prayer:

"I would like to rise very high, Lord;

Above my city, Above the world, Above time.

I would like to purify my glance and borrow your eyes.

I would then see the universe, humanity, history, as the Father sees them.

I would see in the prodigious transformation of matter,

In the perpetual seething of life,

Your great Body that is born of the breath of the Spirit.

I would see the beautiful, the eternal thought of your Father's Love taking form, step by step;

Everything summed up in you, things on Earth and things in Heaven.

And I would see that today, like yesterday, the most minute details are part of it.

The desire to make something beautiful is within us to discover and share. The beauty produced may be in art, music, good works, or in the radiance of a loving heart. Looking for the spirit of God within each other can help us to see the beautiful, the eternal thought of our Father's Love taking form, step by step, even in us. God is in a process of transforming us into God's image and likeness. The desire for beauty is the creative DNA from God that can make beauty real.