I love the beauty of springtime. The lush green fields of wheat and pasture look like velvet as the blades wave in the breeze. Tender leaves on the trees look good enough to eat. Colorful blossoms on the shrubs and bulb flowers make the landscape beautiful.

AND I hunt for the nasal spray in the medicine cabinet to help my stuffy nose, put drops in my watery eyes, and visit the drugstore for a refill of my allergy pills.

Bright warm sunshine boosts my spirits like nothing else can. My energy and enthusiasm are enlivened to the point that I can hardly decide what to do first!

AND I grab the dust cloth and attack the layers of dust that show up in the sunshine. I pull the sheer curtains to hide the messy windows that are a project for another day, and my body is forced to stop long before a dent has been made in the list of chores that need to be done.

The birds and animals are enlivened, too. I watch the turkey gobbler strut across the lot as he looks for a companion. Birds are busy in the trees and at their boxes as well as around the feeder. The deer coats are changing color to better match their surroundings in the wonderful world of nature.

AND the Squirrels are digging up the yard looking for buried walnuts and making it hazardous to walk across. I’ve had to tie grocery bags over the front porch light fixtures to prevent finches from building their trashy nest tucked around them.

It’s wonderful in springtime to leave the inside doors open and have the feeling of the outside coming in. I can dart in and out without having to put on a wrap or being sure both doors are pulled closed tightly to save heat.

AND hard-shell bugs, candle flies, wasps, and quickly-hatched houseflies find entrance through the tiniest space around the storm door. Now, where did I put the flyswatter?!

The smells of spring make me want to stop still and draw in the aroma. Each kind of blossom makes its distinct presence known. Even the turned dirt in the fields has its rich and wholesome smell.

AND the cycle is right for skunks to wander by the air circulation system and share their special perfume. The green-onion smell from the early lawn moving permeates the surroundings.

It’s so rewarding to begin washing wintry clothes and organizing the closets for efficiency. Inevitably, I will find something fun to wear that I had forgotten about from last year and I am excited to put it on.

AND I am chilled all day when a late cold snap hits and I am reluctant to each back to the end of the closet and get out a warmer garment that I have put away.

I guess the cheers and the groans brought on by a change of seasons have a way of balancing one another.