Recently Christians celebrated Pentecost Sunday. In Acts 2:1-4, we see one sign of the Holy Spirit’s coming is wind. Wind can be really good. It keeps things moving along, such as weather and relief from the sun. But it also can be scary. On June 3rd, 1989, a tornado moved through Hopkinsville that I saw from my car seat as a kid. It was scary, but I admit a spark of wonder flew through my mind! What does this mean?

“Winds” are also blowing through the earth. With a virus and riots and race hatred caught on videos, we see things constantly changing and turbulent. But there is a spark in us; can God bring good from it?

In the Upper Room, the Spirit did good for all who were seeking the Lord. The word for wind in Acts 2 means “breath.” As God gave breath of life in Genesis, God sent His breath to each disciple. In the same way, we need to be full of the Spirit and see all the good coming from Him.

For the Holy Spirit gives victory. How? We get to be a part of the “winds” and change for good. In John 3:8, Jesus said Christians are born of the Spirit and like the wind, people will see God in us by the good working out from us.

I knew God was real from a young age because even though I didn’t see Him, I saw Him in different people in my family, and people in Sunday school had a special glow. They showed the Spirit by caring about me.

Those lost and otherwise hurting can see a glow in us. What do we need to be doing? In Ephesians 5:16, Paul wrote to make the most of every opportunity, because there are evil times. People very much need Jesus, and we should have open conversations without fear, listening as people share and encouraging with just the right word through the Spirit.

How do we do that? Fruit of the Spirit like love overcome darkness. 1 Peter 4:8 says that with hatreds in the world, let love cover over those sins, and we start with love, not fear. Gifts of the Spirit found in 1 Corinthians 12 can make a big difference discerning the times.

We’re not like the story of the “Three Little Pigs” cowering in our house with the wolf (the devil) blowing the house down. Winds don’t blow us away. We blow back even harder, with the Holy Spirit, and we see souls saved and greater work done.

May we make sure we’re right with the Lord. Ask the Lord to be a person of the Spirit, love flowing out in service of others.