By Gene Vincent Pastor, Flat Rock Fellowship Baptist Church

The debate raged on as the two individuals shared their opinions of how to deal with the Immigration issues facing our Nation. One interesting fact about the two people is that neither of them have traveled further than Canada or the Caribbean on cruises. Therefore, they were like the majority of the people in our Nation, taking their information mainly from the News Media and Social media. They do not know "firsthand" the living conditions, circumstances or challenges that Immigrants face daily.

None of us really know and can only imagine what it must have been like to pack up a few things and head to Bethlehem for the required census. And then shortly after your young child was born, you had to pick up and move to Egypt because King Herod was on a killing spree of all the young boys, age 2 or under. Even Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were immigrants.

What we do know from Scripture is that the shifting and moving, as well as every other step, word, and act, made by the infant born in a manger, was done because of love. It was not self-seeking or glory searching, it was just love in action.

This Christmas wouldn't it be best if we didn't try to buy the most expensive gifts or have a lot of parties. Wouldn't it be nice if we could love each other? Let's stop the moving of the Manger scene, as some places have done because one group is offended. And let's stop being afraid of Hanukkah because we don't understand it. Let's stop being Republican or Democrat and simply love each other as human beings. It is tough enough in life, regardless of where you live or what you do - let's just love each other a little. Let's pause, take a breathe and love each other regardless of where we are or where we are going. May we love, not only the babe in a manger but the man on the street and the woman from a distant land. Remember John 13:34 " one another…"