My most serious shopping temptations happen in those stores that specialize in containers and storage devices designed to help organize your stuff. Most of the time, however, I come out emptyhanded, because when I think about it, I already have the situation covered just fine.

The canister in my kitchen counter set that is labeled "Flour" has confectioner's sugar in it. I need something bigger for flour.

Soon after I married, my mother-in-law offered me a red and white Sinclair farm machinery lubricant bucket with close-fitting lid. She had thoroughly washed out the oil residue decades before. It was just right to hold a big sack of flour, and still is.

When a button comes off a garment and is lost, I go to the Calumet double-acting baking powder can in my sewing cabinet. I know it belonged to my grandmother because my mother preferred Clabber Girl brand. Usually, I can find among the collection a button just right for replacement.

Q-tips are so easy to get out of the smooth hinged-top Band-Aid tin. They are an exact fit. I put the sticky bandages in a larger value pack Band-Aid tin. You can flip it open with one hand if the other is bleeding. Of course, I flatten the unhandy cardboard box they come in these days and put it in recycling as soon as I replenish the supply.

Dresser and desk drawers are a challenge for organizing. Small items roll around and get mixed up and hidden. I bought one of those plastic flatware and cooking utensils trays once to provide some separation. It helped, but I had to add shallow inverted stationery box tops and a slender Christmas chocolates box to wedge it in place. Might as well have used the nice boxes altogether.

I like an old Cloverine salve tin for my straight pins; the top fits securely but is easy to get off and on. A non-dairy whipped topping carton has tall sides just right for propping new toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste upright on the bathroom supplies shelf.

There's nothing better than a coffee can for holding heavy nails and screws. A shoe box can safeguard keepsakes for generations; its original lettering and price marks don't hurt a thing.

I could go on.