I have two friends who have the special gift of seeing the good in others. They are gentle introverts, have deep spiritual lives and focus on the goodness of God in creation. They see the activity of God in other people and support what they find with kind comments of support. Sometimes they see in others what others do not see in themselves. This holy seeing is encouraging to those who are recipients of their love. It is as if the imperfections of others are nothing. The light of God shining through people is everything.

I'm sure we become discouraged when we see or read about the cruelty that humans inflict on each other and the creation. Certainly, attempts need to be made to correct these failures to love. But in our efforts to turn evil into good, it is a worthy practice to see one another as God sees us. God sees our destructive behavior, but God also sees the beauty born within each one…the sensitivities to be kind and generous…the potential for goodness that needs to be nurtured. Like my friends, God supports what is good within us, forgives us our mistakes so that we can move forward in positive ways, and shines a light of hope for better things to come.

This attitude is not just one of practicing the power of positive thinking. It is looking deeply into the lives of others to support the goodness born in them. That support encourages us to become the kind of people we were meant to be. And the goodness we see in others often comes from the goodness within ourselves.