By Gene Vincent Pastor, Flat Rock Fellowship Baptist Church

Within Logan County, there is a lot of talk about the upcoming elections, especially the Sheriff race. With the primary in May quickly approaching, all of the candidates will be feeling more pressure as well as stress. Each of the Candidates want to serve as the local Sheriff and has their specific ideas of how the office of Sheriff should function daily. But here is a question for those running for office of Sheriff and even for the individuals voting.

Who would be the best Servant?

While being the Sheriff is not an easy job and carries a lot of responsibility, it is also a role in which the best Candidate should be a Servant.

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords -- humbled Himself and became a Servant. Philippians 2:7 states, "... He made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness."

Jesus was a Committed Servant! He was committed to fulfilling His Father's calling. A calling of God is different than a personal ambition. But how does a person know if they have a true calling of God for a specific task or job?

1. Do they seriously see the needs of others instead of just themselves?

2. Do they have the Gifts to fulfill the task or job with Grace and Mercy?

3. Do they have the Skills and Training for the task or job?

4. Do they have a recurrent interest in the task or job?

5. Do they have a deep desire to face the challenges of the task or job?

6. Have they had unsolicited affirmation/confirmation from others in regards to the task or job?

7. Does the calling on your life glorify you or God?

Jesus was not only called to a mission/task but He clearly immersed Himself in the task set before Him. Even as a child, Mary and Joseph found Him in the Temple discussing with Religious leaders of the day, the things of God, as He fulfilled His task. And it was always about the Father!

Jesus was a Consistent Servant! He was consistent in His walk, talk and service. God the Father even commended Him when He was baptized in Matthew 3:17, " "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased."

Anyone called of God for any task or job -- must work at being consistent in their lifestyle and service. No one should act differently when their "mother" is around, then when she is away. The same holds even more true when we remember that God is always around, watching, listening and caring.

Jesus was a Concerned Servant! When He saw the 12 Lepers in Luke 17 or the Blind, Broken and Lame in other passages of Scripture, He was concerned for their welfare.

Those running for Sheriff in Logan County -- AND EVERYONE of us that are walking this sod today should take seriously what we are doing with our lives. We are created to Serve! We are called to Serve -- Jesus Christ first, Others secondly and Ourselves lastly. So may we all pray for each other, the task or job before us and strive to be true to Him and His purpose above all else.