In the days we’re living in, we see many things happening which shout the end of days is near. God gives us Revelation to help us understand these times. I first heard it when my mom and dad would come to this book in family reading of the Bible. It was intense hearing it as a boy but also scary what was coming on the world. But is Revelation just to be amazing or scary? Yes, it tells what is happening at the end of time, but many don’t see that it points out all those last things are to show God is worthy of praise.

In Revelation 5, no one is able to open the end of days book because they don’t have the proper credentials. There is the true story of a student that faked his way into Harvard. He used fake transcripts and documents that claimed he’d written books and won awards. But he actually had only won banana eating contests. When he was caught, he had to pay back $46,000 to Harvard. In the same way, in ourselves, we don’t have the credentials.

But Jesus is worthy to open the seals and worthy of praise. He shows that as He is the Lion and the Lamb in Revelation. He is powerful as the Lion to defeat evil, but He is the Lamb to dry tears from our eyes. As Jesus saves believers out of trouble, we are to praise Him. With your troubles and victory from the Lord, you sing a song I can’t. You sing a song the greatest choir can’t. You sing a song the angels can’t.

In a previous article, I mentioned a dear evangelist Brother and Sister that went on to the Lord from COVID. As this Sister lay dying, she called out the name, “Jesus!” When the nurse asked about Jesus, Sister said, “He’s my Savior.” She bragged on Jesus and went on to be with Him right after. Even in my sadness at her loss, I realize that if she could praise Jesus there at the end with COVID, I too can praise the Lord in my tribulations on this earth and in these times.

In these last days and the troubles with them, may we turn to Jesus in repentance and praise if we haven’t. He could come any time now. May we also come together however God enables and praise Him.