First, let me say thank you to everyone who is doing their part to minimize the spread of this disease, Coronavirus. You are doing your part trying to keep this pandemic from spreading further. By social distancing, washing our hands, wearing a mask correctly, cleaning, and disinfecting, you are doing your part. Thank you for your extra effort.

Our president and our governors have set guidelines for us to follow to be safe. They have said stay home and shelter in place and do your part. They are trying to get a grip on this raging out of control disease. This disease is a killer. It does not care who it attacks. Young and old, male and female. All have died from it. It can live for up to three hours airborne and even longer than that on surfaces.

When AIDS came out (in the hospitals) we didn't know who had it, so we treated it like everybody had it. Universal precautions. This Coronavirus is the same way. We don't know who has it or who doesn't. A person can be asymptomatic, which means they have it but they have no symptoms. They can spread it without even knowing they have it. I would think that people would care enough to be safe, but they do not.

For example: when I went to Walmart (Russellville) to pick up my groceries, two of their employees were loading food into people's vehicles with only their mouths covered. The same thing happened at Dollar General (Russellville). When I asked her to please cover her nose with her mask, she downright refused. Same thing at KFC (Russellville) and McDonald's (Russellville). If these people are asymptomatic, they are breathing all over the food intended to eat. They are infecting everyone they meet.

It's no wonder COVID-19 statistics for Logan County have tripled in one week. On Friday, May 1st, Logan County had 10 cases of COVID-19. By Monday, May 4th there were 15 cases. By Wednesday, May 6th there were 30 cases and by Friday, May 8th there were 53 cases. That's an increase of 43 cases in one week. People wake up, high numbers we lose. We are not in a race to reach the top. It's going to take everybody working together doing their part to get through this. At least until there is a vaccine or some kind of control.

I've been in the medical field for over 40 years, 20 of those years I worked in surgery as a scrub nurse. I understand the masks are hot, they fog up your glasses and even make it difficult to breathe at times. Everybody has been uncomfortable and inconvenienced by this Coronavirus. It's going to take EVERYBODY working together doing their part to end this pandemic.

If you need a mask, you can get one at your doctor's office, the health department, or I believe at Logan Memorial Hospital. Please everyone, stop the spread of COVID-19. Cover your nose and mouth when wearing a mask, wash your hands, and enforce social distancing. We all want things back to normal ASAP. Thank you.