In the current struggle with the coronavirus, peace may seem far away until we have a piece of pie at Roy’s BBQ or a piece of pizza at the Hut, eating inside the restaurant again. (And no, they aren’t giving me royalties.) But according to God’s Word, we can have peace in times we don’t understand. I have seen this in my life. There was a time going into major back surgery, and I was in the room by myself waiting to be wheeled into the operating room. But I knew I wasn’t by myself-God was there giving me peace.

Paul wrote from prison to the Philippians. In chapter 4, he shared some actions that can help bring peace.
He told us we should worry about nothing, but pray. Worries change over time. The virus (we pray) won’t be our biggest worry soon; maybe it’s not even now. Some worry about family others on addictions, others on their job needs. But when it says worry about nothing, nothing means nothing. Talking out to God with requests and being thankful drive out worry. Every time we worry we can find a way to spend even a few seconds in prayer.
Paul also wrote we need peace in our minds. I had to learn a lesson-whatever we put in our minds, comes out. I have loved the Three Stooges a long time and still do, but sitting in time out in kindergarten, I couldn’t understand why a girl didn’t like me to slap her (gently) like Curly Howard. Three Stooges in=Three Stooges out. Bad in=bad out. We need to stop dwelling about the bad, and think good.
We have to be careful of the videos, etc we watch on our phones, TV, etc. if we have more free time now .We make an effort to turn our minds more onto good. Ask the Lord to give us good peaceful thoughts.
Paul also wrote to follow good examples. Jesus left us an eternal example, even if it carried Him to the Cross. Paul left a good example for the church, even if it carried him to prison. Some may look at the saints of old and say, “Well, it worked for them, but that way of living won’t for me.” Why not? We could use some of the (good) old time religion in these times.
How did I learn how to pray? I followed the example of my parents. When they first asked me to pray, I did what they did. We need to do stuff that other good Christians do. And when we do, people should see in us a good example to follow.
Ben Breedlove from Texas had his testimony all over the Internet because he almost died from a heart problem at school. Yet, he felt the peace of God as he lay on the ground waiting for help. Even though he died a week later after the video, he still smiled broadly, giving credit to God throughout. 1,500 people came to his funeral. Like Ben, no matter what we face, the God of peace can bring His good to us no matter our current trial.