by Nathan Cockrill Pastor Christian Life Assembly of God

When I was born, I was ready to be born very quickly. I was an impatient guy. But I still had to wait to come out. I had to wait all the way on the ride to the Medical Center in Bowling Green because my head was just too big (true story).

Sometimes we must wait and pray. Jesus in Luke 18 told a parable that people should PUSH. Pray until something happens. We should hang in there and not give up on the One who died for us.

Here is how we can be women and men of prayer. Verses 1-5 talk about a widow coming to a wicked judge for justice. Widows in that day were especially vulnerable.

Even today, our world is a rough place. We can't control who we deal with, but we control what we do. If we face an obstacle like this judge, we can't let anything keep us from coming to God. We pray and pray again.

Returning home from Beech Bend Park one night with the youth group kids, I was "under orders" from the parents to get the kids back on time. Well, the kids wanted to eat at Subway in Rockfield. They wore me down. Against my better judgment, we ate there, because their persistence paid off.

This widow in the parable learned that she would get justice if she just would persistently keep coming.

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, as I studied with a boy working as a teacher's aide in Clarksville. The young boy asked as we studied together at my school if it took him an hour or two to find the right filament for the bulb. The book said he found it after two years, blowing the little guy's mind. Two years??

Yes, but with persistence, Jesus in verse 5 tells us we will receive what we ask for in prayer. You can't wear God out. A man named George Mueller prayed 63 years for a man to be saved but never lost confidence. He died with that man not saved. But then, the man got saved as a result of Mueller's funeral.

Never give up!! How much is a holy God going to give good in good time! We need to have faith.

Why do we keep on praying? God is pleased by faith. So to receive answers to our deepest needs, we exercise our faith like this widow and pray bold prayers.

Many people think the best days are behind. Daily talks with Jesus remind me the best days are ahead. Why? Jesus is like the widow in that he is looking for us. How many times have I messed up, yet he comes back to me as I reach out. Let's reach out and talk to Jesus.