Do you wear a Mask?

Do you have some type of face covering that has become necessary today when we go shopping or out in public?

Just a reminder — wearing a face covering is as old as the Bible, itself. And it should be a necessity for all Christians — during the pandemic and beyond!

If you look at Exodus 34:34-35 you will find, “But whenever Moses went in before the LORD to speak with Him, he would remove the veil until he came out. And when he came out, he would tell the Israelite’s what he had been commanded, and the Israelite’s would see that the face of Moses was radiant. So Moses would put the veil back over his face until he went in to speak with the LORD.”

Moses had to cover his face when with the public because it was so “radiant”. And the reason it was so bright was because he had been in the presence of the LIGHT, the presence of God.

If we as Christians would take our devotional time seriously and not rush through it, so we could go about our day and if we really spent quality time with our Lord, maybe, just maybe we would need to cover our face because of its radiance.

Just a thought.