Those who live busy lives are encouraged to reserve a time each day for prayer. It could be at the beginning of the day with a prayer offering the day's activities to God for God's blessing and direction. Some close their day with a prayer on behalf of family and friends and for God's protection through the night. Others say a grace or prayer of thanksgiving before meals. Each day presents many opportunities to acknowledge God's presence in our lives and to ask for God's guidance. Just offering God praise for the beauty of creation is always appropriate.

Edward Hays tells a story about a Sufi saint who was invited by the Emperor to attend prayers with him at the grand mosque of the state. When the hour of prayer arrived Sarmad hadn't arrived. People wondered where he was. Then excuses were offered by the emperor's escorts. Some thought Sarmad might be sick or forgot the invitation. But Emperor Aurangzeb left the mosque smiling and said, "No, Sarmad isn't sick and he didn't forget to attend this hour of prayer! Sarmad is a mystic; he lives every hour in Allah's presence and so an appointed hour set aside for prayer means absolutely nothing to him. Everywhere and every time of day for a man such as he is the place and time for prayer, and his every breath amazingly is a prayer. Should not we be like Sarmad?"

While we may not be like Sarmad in constant prayer, some people say spontaneous prayers throughout the day. One of my friends who prays frequently heard multiple sirens blaring near my home recently. She was afraid something might have happened to me. When I didn't answer her phone call she drove over to my house to see if I was alright, which I was. Together we gave thanks rejoicing in the visit and the prayer that sent her. Then quietly she prayed for the person she did not know who was in trouble that day signaled by the sirens.

We can make appointments with God at designated times and also live each day thinking of every hour as a time to be in God's presence. God abides in us, so we don't have to go far to find God. Enjoy God's loving presence in the present moment.