The person with whom I've sheltered day and night during the time of the COVID-19 virus shutdown hasn't been too compatible. We've had our differences, but they managed to work themselves out and we are still together.

I decided from the start that I would make the most of being at home. Plenty of projects lay waiting to be done. With no deadline for completion hanging over my head, I could dive in and enjoy the experience.

She was all for the idea at first, but she got tired of seeing stuff piled around and began to tempt me to put it away and take on a different focus for variety's sake. I gave in.

Therefore, one end of the closet is organized but the other end is more stuffed than ever. It didn't make sense to distribute giveaways until I had been through everything. Nor was I sure about letting go of certain items until I studied the whole supply. But she let me know she was tired of the closet mess, so I pushed the disruption inside and closed the door.

Other projects with similar results can be reported, so she denied me the satisfaction of any job well done.

With more meals than normal taking place at home and preparation time more available, I was excited to branch out with menus. I set my taste buds on a good main dish that I had not made in a long time. By the time I found the recipe, my making it had to be postponed and she was disappointed and peeved at me as well.

New recipes are equally exciting but can lead to a finished product not as good as anticipated. Another disappointment. She did strike a nerve as she resisted my rule that cooked food, while maybe not the best, had to be eaten before something foolproof would be prepared. I can't stand to waste nourishing food, even if it is not superior in quality. After all, there are people out there who would be glad to get it.

She was not happy with me when I settled down to do worthwhile reading and I quickly slipped off into a nap; or when I talked her into staying up a little later than usual to watch an informational television documentary. She reprimanded me highly when she saw me liven up half an hour after the program was over and realized I hadn't seen a thing.

Extra time at home has been an opportunity for me to correspond with friends who live away who might appreciate receiving a newsy or encouraging note. She disgustedly sees stationary out on the desk for days and one envelope addressed but nothing written yet to go in it. No excuse.

My worst fear is that the person living with me may allow me to get on her nerves so badly that she will take desperate measures and make me become a person I don't want to be.