Dear Editor:

I recently picked up litter along Beauchamp Road, also known as the Old Railroad or Four Mile Stretch. The trash I collected will probably fill several trash carts. I am appalled by the amount of garbage that is purposefully thrown out of vehicles. I cannot understand why anyone would do that. It will not dissolve or magically disappear. Please, do not litter. Dispose of your garbage in a legal and responsible manner. Logan County is a beautiful place to live; litter along the highways mars our scenic beauty.

The bulk of the litter I found alongside Beauchamp Road was fast food packaging and alcoholic beverage containers. Perhaps the county should impose a 1% tax on all fast food and alcohol sales and dedicate the money to be used for litter abatement. I would certainly pay a nickel more for a hamburger if I knew it would help keep our roadways clean of litter.

Disturbingly, I also found about 20 old tires that were dumped along Beauchamp Road. I reported them to my magistrate, Jack Crossley. He contacted our Solid Waste Coordinator, Nathan Cockrill who had those tires picked up. Thanks for the good job. If you are the people dumping your old tires along Beauchamp Road: Why do you choose the spots with the steepest banks; it takes a lot of extra effort to pull those dang tires up that steep bank. Couldn’t you have just as easily dumped your old tires where there was easier access?

Respectfully submitted,

Randy Richardson