Once a monetary connection has been made with a supplier, you are bonded for life.

After my mother passed away, more than twenty-five years ago, I did not renew the subscription to a certain magazine that she had received for a long time. It was a good publication, but I had plenty to read without it.

The magazine continued to come beyond the expiration date, finally ceasing--temporarily. Every few months, I would get a free issue with a "special discount offer" if I picked up the subscription again.

Without any communication from me, the magazine continues to show up in my mailbox every so often, but now in duplicate! One is addressed to me and the other to "The Estate" of my mother. Figure that one out.

Making a contribution to a worthwhile cause cannot be a one-time thing. Your contact information is permanently forged into their mailing list and you can expect to hear from the organization, on and on.

Each appeal is greater than the last, with, in most cases, a legitimate need. Personal testimonies, compelling pictures, and believable information as to what good your gift can do get your attention.

But, you cannot give to all causes that come along, nor should you buy everything that appeals to you. Soon you would be in the shape of those soliciting! So you make a sympathetic turn toward the recycling bin and move on.

I once bought a publication that I wanted from an environmental protection group. Big mistake. I had not yet read the first chapter before correspondence started coming about all the other stuff that they had to sell.

They overly thanked me for my "support" and have flooded me with promotional materials ever since. The postage they ha e paid up to this point far exceeds the cost of my original purchase, and think of the negative impact of the tees that were sacrificed to make their paper mailings.

When I bought a car several years ago, hardly anybody noticed. That was just fine, but people way out there somewhere found out. I began to get calls and written offers of "attachments" to buy and "plans" to pay for--not connected to the dealer. My lack of response had no effect. The lying messages that keep on coming month after month say "Final Notice!" They never are final; they never give up.