Well, it’s that time again! You know that day when you get one year older but don’t want anyone to know what number you are using this year. You know I have found that if you lie about your age, you forget who you told who what and you end up getting them confused about are you a “young chick” or “an old woman”! So I guess I just gave up a long time ago and began to tell people my real age. Yes, I am 38 and never been kissed!

Yes, I am down here in “Never, Never land where it is supposed to be warm and its cold as Kentucky. I am telling you, if you people are looking for warm weather, don’t come south.
Well, let’s get off that so I can tell you one other thing I have discovered. I am not an artist. Yes, I am sure you thought I was a lot of things but an artist, I am not. I am beginning to get a complex because I keep trying to find my talent and I haven’t run across anything that I am good at yet. Maybe you would classify my writing to you each week as “good”. If you don’t think so, I will be put a “hex” on you and your nose will grow a foot long!
Of course, I always wear my Big Blue jacket here and the other night a woman came in the card room and said, “Somebody told me a woman from Kentucky was in here”. Of course I said “that be ME!” Well, come to find out she was from Owensboro and we became great friend that very instant. See what happens when you wear you Big Blue Jacket!
I will tell you one funny. I had been having trouble with the bed in my bedroom. It had a foam mattress on it and obviously someone big and strong had slept where I wanted to sleep and when I did, I got up with a stiff back! Well, I was going to go to the lumber store and have them cut me a piece of plywood the size of one side of my body and I would simply use it while I was here and then put it in my car and bring it back home to return with it the next year. You see I am planning to come back, to this exact place. It hit me as I was cleaning the stove last night. I took out the wire racks in the oven and placed them between the mattress and box springs exactly where my body would be laying and I slept like a baby. I will simply put them back in the stove before I leave. Hopefully the owner of the condo won’t purchase a new stove.
You know I have been keeping up with the Big Blue basketball team. I do think I have done a wonderful job coaching from my easy chair. I must admit they had one or two close calls, but let’s face it, THEY ARE JUST GOOD!
I had another surprise, I told you I had a birthday and guess what the Daughter and her man friend sent me. Yep, it’s two of those “flags” that all the fans put on their cars on game day. I now have one for my car and one for my four wheeler also. So you will know, I will be certainly “enjoying every moment when the Big Blue runs out on the floor! Bye now!