Well my now, I am sure you think old TG just “fell off the world!” Well, I did! I have been at a “wound clinic” so long I thought they might put me on the payroll. But, you people out there listen up. I am no better.

Finally, I just took that old bandage off that was killing me and put my old fashion remedy on it and it’s much better. I thought for a moment they were gonna have to cut off my leg. And all I did was sit around and eat! And you know everything that you put in your mouth shows up somewhere else. Believe me, I have it all over my body! When you are used to walking a mile a day and you’re sitting on your “fanny” doing nothing but eating…..something will change. And I am not talking about your feet.

One thing I can say, the lake is still the same. Boats have been coming and going and I have been out on my boat some. I don’t know why but I lost my desire to ride on my boat. My “great “grandson came up and fished, I had a friend that brought her grandchildren over and they loved jumping off the deck.

Then my kayak sprung a leak and I had a devil of a time getting it out of the water because it was full of water. Man, I have had some troubles this summer. Surly fall is gonna be better.

Well, I went home to Tennessee for a visit. The daughter needed my help and I played “car driver” for her. She needed a shot! Glad it was her and not me. Anyway, her man friend was sent to the hospital while I was there and there I was with a “banged up leg” and we were like two handicapped women trying to take care of him and ourselves.

I am back at the lake to stay and get well. I am still making masks. I do believe they will grow to our faces. Maybe the New Year will be better for everybody.

Before long it will be “turkey” month and everyone will be able to get the “old bird” out of the freezer and cook to your hearts content. If you have a favorite recipe, send it to me. You know I need all the help I can get.

Till next time, remember to “ENJOY THE MOMENT.” It’s really all we got. Bye now!