Have you just one day said, man I think I will run away from home! Well Old Tulip did just that.

Yep, I was sick of the rain, everyone on the lake was having fun and I was just sitting there looking out the window because I had done something stupid! Has it ever occurred to you that any mistake you make is usually STUPID!

You see one day I was so busy doing, “something that was important” of course and I caught my toe under the first step on my stairway and man, I have never been the same since. I had a friend next door work on me and just went on about my business. Then about a week later I thought I might need to go to the clinic in Greenville and let them take a look at it and they worked on it and you know, “old TG”, just kept on going! Then one day, the clinic said you need to go to Wound Clinic and let them take a look at it and man, I have been as the old timers say, “Off my feet ever sense”! You know it’s not easy being lazy, just sitting around DOING NOTHING! But I really have no choice. You have to have two legs to really function at the lake.

Well, I decided I would just go on a little trip and visit a friend and I have discovered so many things to do, SITTING DOWN is the best thing of all! I now am the “domino Queen”, I bet you never knew you could have fun playing a game of dominoes and then I even looked up how to play “Gin Rummy” with cards and of course I was a winner! I think my friend just felt sorry for me.

I have watched a lot of television. Even some of my favorite “old time movies”. Man, I forgot how much fun it was to be LAZY! You people out there should try it sometime, but be sure you have a great friend who wants to look after you. There is only one bad thing that goes along with this condition. “Everything that passes your lips, goes on your hips”! And I can tell you right now I don’t need that at all.

Well, it’s that time again to tell you to “enjoy the moment”. I must admit I have had a hard time doing just that. But believe me I am looking forward to being back at my beloved “Lake Malone” and all my wonderful friends. Bye now.