To all you people who have always longed to live on the lake, let me tell you about some of my joys. Yes, we have wonderful, sunsets and since I am on the wrong side of the sun, I do not get a sunrise. And since I live on a bay, I get all the beautiful waves from the speed boats along with all the trash and everything that floats right up on the shore.

Last weekend, It all started when a neighbor had a brother that ran out of gas “up above the bridge.” Sorry, if you are not a lake person, I will tell you it is the part of the lake that is above Shady Cliff. So, he asked if I had some extra gas he could give his brother. Since the Daughter had insisted that I keep extra gas in my little shed, I had just what he needed. Well, of course his brother was rescued and all was well. Then all of a sudden my next door neighbor called to see if I had some extra gas because they were expecting company and did not want to run out and get any at “Wayne’s Place” before his company got there. But he was not sure he had enough to run around the lake either. So, off when the gas that was replaced by the other neighbor and everyone in their party had a great time. And of course before I went to bed, I had another neighbor remark that I had a lot of men going around my house and leaving with gas cans! I just didn’t go into any detail, I told her that I had a “traveling gas can.” She laughed and replied that if she ever ran out of gas, she would know where to go. Of course, the Daughter just chuckled because she saw I didn’t have any gas at all in my little shed but little did she know she saved the day for two of my friends. That is the greatest joy of living on the lake, there is always someone there to help you.!

On to the next joy, I have had this past week. All of a sudden I noticed this green “stuff” coming up in my kayak! Here’s the short story of that, my kayak was full of water. It took four people to pull it on to the shore so we could empty the water and then we found a crack in a hatch cover and I had to proceed in cleaning all this “green stuff” off along with the fixing the cracks. Once again “FRIENDS TO THE RESCUE!”

Then I had a battery problem. Yep, you cannot run a pontoon on the lake without a battery! So I had a little problem starting it so that meant a new battery. Then I loan my boat to a friend so he could take his beautiful wife on a moon light ride and on the way back, it began missing! Yes, I have a call into a boat “fix it” man. If I had my life to live over again, I would study to be a repairman for boat motors. They are in high demand. And believe me you can’t find one when you need one.

I forgot to tell you that I have six girls coming this Saturday and here I sit with a new battery, thanks to the wonderful neighbor, that lives next door and two other men at Walmart that help me get the battery out of my car and back in again. There are good people everywhere.

Of course I must say, I have lived a lot of places but there is nothing like waking up every morning, looking out on to beautiful Lake Malone! If you ever get close to my dock, do stop and see me. I am the one who has a pontoon on my dock and two ducks that are squacking for Cheerios on the shore.

But till then, I will certainly be enjoying the moment even if I do have a few problems. Bye now!!!