Well, I must say this year was certainly different ... We celebrated the “Fourth of July” on the third! And of course old Tulip got so confused that all of a sudden it was time for company to come and sit on the porch for fireworks and I was not ready!

But I must give all the credit to a great neighbor who lives across the bay and he does a fantastic job. This year the show when on forever. And the bay was absolutely covered with boats and we even had people on the bank that had these cute little candle “things” that they lit up and let them float “heaven bound. We had four hours of sheer delight.
So when the 4th arrived the next night, some people did not get the message and we had boats that shows up to find that the “party was all over”!
Well, I really can’t write this article without telling you what I have been doing lately! NOTHING! That’s right, would you believe that I have not entered the doors at Walmart since I have been back from my trip down south. I am surprised they didn’t have to close their doors.
But people I have discovered the most wonderful thing, you can spend a lot of money quick. You don’t have to even leave your home. And I even have a wonderful man, in a brown uniform, that brings my “my order” right to my door. He will even knocks on the door before leaving. Yep, it’s Amazon! And the Daughter says, Mother you should have stock in that company!
I do want to send a sincere message to all you boating people on the lake. Tulip has a new mission in life. She is going to make it a practice to be out on that lake everyday so she will have all her boating skills up to date and she will know how to handle any problem that might come up and not have to call a neighbor.
But I must tell you about the miracle that has happened to me. You see I have a great grandson that came fishing twice already and you won’t believe this. That little guy just walked on my dock with a fishing rod that had an “open face” reel on it and just flipped that bait right out in the water and pulled in the first fish. Now at my house we have a prize for the first fish! I thought that I was a great “fisher woman” but I cannot operate an “open face” reel! No way, that line would land in a pile right at my feet after I had forgotten to close the reel.
Well so much for Tulips fishing ability. All of you know what a great fisher woman I was, yes you see the word WAS, I am on to other things now. I just hadn’t figured out what to do with my time. Let me know if you have suggestions.
I will close with the worst thing that has happen since this plaque had settled over Lewisburg. They have closed my beauty shop! Yes, there is no longer a place where women can go and get beautiful. I caught the owner one day in the new “South Main Market” and she said, yes, we are gone forever. Can you imagine Tulip without the ability to just call Patty and see if she could make me beautiful again!!! Well, I will cry big tears as I trip over my hair that has grown almost down to my knees.
Well, you know what comes next and believe me I have been trying to do this ever since we have gotten ourselves in the awful situation. Yes, I am going to say, “enjoy each moment”! Now you try to say that through a mask, And laugh when you see yourself with a mask covering your beautiful face. Bye now!!