Tulip has the “Question of the day!”

How do you lose something when you are the only one living there and how in the world to you find it if again you are the only one who is looking? People, I have driven myself crazier than usual trying to find something.

You see, I ordered a cute little white top that had little straps and I planned on trying to copy this top so I could make a few myself that was like it.

So it all began when I went up my drive way and I could look back to see the FedEx man had laid a large envelope type package at my bedroom door on the second floor. So I went back to pick it up and I continued to open and look at the little top enclosed in a clear plastic envelope. Well, I did my walk up the hill and back down again and went on about my daily routine and all of a sudden, I realized I did not know where the envelope from Amazon was and that it might be gone forever. But every time I think of a place it might be, I continue to look!

Then I got aggravated at myself for not taking it into the house before my walk then I got mad at the FedEx man who usually puts things at my glass porch door. Then it finally dawned on me, I probably opened it and examined the top inside and then threw the envelope in the trash on my way up the hill and of course by the time I figured it out……the trash man had been by to pick up the trash.

Never in a million years would he have ever come early and now I have finally accepted the fact that I do not have a new cute top with straps.

Well, I will change the subject and remind you of the fact that we use to have an owl that the neighbors caught fish for him. We called him HOOTIE! Very original…..So tonight I sat out on my deck and watched my neighbors catch a fish and Hootie flew right to him and took the fish and flew into a tree that that was right there over my head. I could actually hear him crunch the bones of the fish and then fly away.

I do want to bring to everyone’s attention that “Boat Church” has also started its season last Sunday and it is such a wonderful feeling to relax on your boat and hear the preacher and music float out over the lake.

I need to thank all the people who were concerned about me during this past few weeks, when everyone had to stay away from each other. They knew how “old Tulip” was an “outgoing” person and they were afraid I would just “crack up”. Well, I will tell you, I think I did very well, until Memorial Day. And then I just lost it. I was ready for this all to be over.

I hate to tell you that I am probably older than any of you that is reading this article and I have never had anything, and I mean anything that can compare with what is happening to our country at the moment. I thought the virus was bad but the HATE that we have in this world now is awful. I request each of you to pray! I mean really pray for me, this lake area, and our little village of Lewisburg and of course the city of Russellville. I am sure you feel as helpless as I do but I truly believe in prayer. So please ask God to place his arms around our world and whisper in each person’s ear that we must “love one another”. Hate never won a beauty contest. I pray that every person in our country will feel the presence of our great heavenly leader.

I will get of my “soap box” now and remind you to “enjoy each moment because that truly is all we have. Bye now.