Hello, from down under! I don’t know why when I come to my “home away from home,” I think I am traveling down under my beloved Kentucky. But have never seen so many people from the north. They must not ever get any sunshine or good weather up there. To hear them talk, they think they are in heaven. Of course, I assure them that they have are not in “God’s Country” until they stay in Kentucky.

Also, everybody knows where I am from because I have been wearing my “Big Blue” UK jacket everywhere I go and believe me it’s not because I want them to know where I am from ... it’s because its COLD!
I want you to know that I brought my Alexa with me and she tells me every morning what the temperature is on Lake Malone. And believe me it has not been a pretty sight. It’s not much better when I ask for the temperature of Gulf Shores, all she can say is WHERE! I have to speak to here every now and then, I have to tell her whose boss. If you don’t have one, then don’t get one because she talks back to you and it’s just like talking to your children ... she won’t listen.
Well, I will get off that subject and tell you all about all the excitement I have had in my life. I have four friends that I run around with and you all remember I told you about them before when they came from way up north to the lake. Well, we already planned their trip back and it is the second Friday in June for my party that I am having on the lake. You remember I told you about it earlier. We have been having a ball just eating everything we can get our hands on and every once in a while, we might have something to drink. I won’t say what but I will tell you I brought some of that “Purple Toad” wine that is made in Paducah and everyone fell in love with it.
The highlight of my trip so far is our trip to New Orleans. I think I have told you that I used to live there years ago but guess what? It hasn’t changed a bit. Their Po’ Boy sandwiches are still as good as they use to be along with their gumbo which I sampled also. I am sure by the time I get home, I will be wearing all the food I have consumed while having fun….putting it in my mouth!
Of course we have an exercise room that is wonderful with a hot tub next door which I will miss and I have been in charge of “Mexican train” which you play with dominoes and we play it every Monday night. Once again I am back trying to play bridge again and this is my official notice that I would like to find anybody to help me get a “table of bridge” together. All you have to do is email me at my address that is listed at the bottom of my column. If anyone is interested in dominoes, I would love to find someone to play that as well.
Well, you can see Old TG is enjoying every moment but of course I miss you all and will be back there all too soon. Love you all and please “Enjoy the moment”! Because I certainly am! Bye now.