Well, friends I want to tell you that miracles are still happening. Everyone said, "You won't ever find a Green Head Mallard Male duck"! Well, I did. If you want something really bad just say a silent prayer and start looking. I got a box and told everyone at Wayne's Place what I was going to do and boy did I get some strange looks and questions. Why do you want a duck and there is no way you will find a Green Head! People, I have the faith. I got lost after leaving Wayne's place and I went places that I didn't know existed on the way to the Flee Market! I finally broke down and stopped at a garage and told the two men there that "I'M LOST". The look on their face spoke volumes…..REALLY! The next look was, why they have let you come out on the roads in a car if you don't know where you are going. They sent me on my way and I bet you thought I probably got to the Market! WRONG! I finally gave up and went to the clinic where I also needed to go.

I am sure you thought I would let the doctor look at my head to see if there was anything in there but I had a problem with my leg. They gave me some medicine and then I had to decide whether to find the Flee Market or not. I had them write down the address and I entered it into my GPS and guess what, I got there!

After parting with my money and putting the poor duck in a box they told me to put him in a pen until the other ducks were there eating and he could join the group and feel at home. Well, I decided the box I had him in was not the right thing. So after many calls on my car phone, I found a friend that had a cage and helped me put him in the cage.

I rolled down my drive way and there were the lady ducks waiting for their daily cheerios. So as they were eating, I let Mr. Green Head out of the cage and he started eating Cheerios also.

So you would think everything was just perfect up to this point. Well, that Mother duck started squawking and squawking and would not shut up. The male looked at her like she was "quacky". When she ate all she could hold, she stopped squawking at him and she puffed up her chest and started to back him down the yard to the lake. All of a sudden, he flapped his wings, which were bigger than hers and she started backing down toward the water! I guess she thought she could lose him but no…..he followed her right to the water and off they went.

Well, I thought this was going to be a match made in heaven but all of a sudden I saw the male coming back up to my yard to eat cheerios. Then he disappeared. So the search was on! I started going house to house looking everywhere. After walking the lake side I came down the road and went even farther down on the lake side and guess what? There lay the male duck and the young duck who obviously liked him. So hopefully Mother Duck can just go fly a kite because her baby is gonna take over the situation.

So I walked back to my house, all satisfied that I might have some little ducks in the future. So the next time you are on the lake and see two "love ducks" floating through the water, please do not run over them with your boat or wave runner. You see it's not easy to replace a duck. I do believe it would be easier to fly to the moon.

As you can see, today I really enjoyed the moments. Try a fun project this summer and enjoy your moments also. Bye now.