As most of you know, I go south for the winter and stay at the same place every year. This enables me to meet many, many people. And as most of you know I LOVE people. And as you know I talk a lot so I gather friends from everywhere.

Last year four of us made a "commitment" to come to the lake to have a summer reunion. Well, you know how hard it is to get women together! Lake Malone was blessed with three of these girls and the lake will never be the same.

Of course Wayne's place was their favorite and they loved just looking through all the things they had to sell. One purchased soap to cure poison ivy and one girl could not get over the "old fashion candy" she ate as a child and she could no longer find it. Yes, she purchased it for all her grandchildren. If you are ever in Dunmor you must stop and walk through and you can join the coffee group in the mornings. Then you will never go anywhere else.

The cutest thing was I took the girls fishing! As we got on the boat, I informed them that this was only the third time I had driven the boat and everyone just about had a heart attack and immediately they wanted to know where the life jackets were. But I let them join in the driving so we had a great time.

I must say we had a "fishing fool" with us. She fished from the minute she got here until the night before we left. My neighbor across the lake saw her dangling her feet off the dock, in the water. He thought that was really cute. He thought she was fishing for the owl who is back this year. He comes each night to gather up his nightly snack before he goes to bed. He sits on my swing and when he see his snack on the drive way he will glide right over the fish close enough to grab it and then off he goes.

During their stay here we went of course to my "home place" Tennessee. There is a gentleman who purchased my grandparents farm and he is building a "TREE HOUSE" up in the "Lick Hollow". That also tickled them because they had never heard that "down home" language before. This house has three trees growing right up through the middle of it and it is equipped with all the modern conveniences. Yes, it's air conditioned and heated with a kitchen and bedroom. He says he has it anchored so that when the wind blows the tree frame will float on equipment that is on the center of the trees. Well, after all that excitement, we had Mexican food and then back to my "old Kentucky Home" on Lake Malone.

One of the high lights was the wonderful food I ordered from Pigs in Paradise and the Pizza from Wayne's place. People if you have not had food at either place you have missed it. All you have to do is order and it is complete to enjoy with your company. We had barbecue, stick smoked baloney and potato salad. My friend were really impressed and of course I was over joyed because they did all the cooking! I did make two of my famous pecan pies and we ate them all up! I wouldn't brag…..

So people, the rain is over and now it is time to thank God for all this beautiful water we have here. The friends that we have on the lake are like diamonds and we all need to check on those diamonds you have living around you. Some may need your tender loving care. Let this be "help a neighbor" month.

As I always say, be sure to enjoy each moment because old TG is burning the candle at both ends. Bye now.