Women, listen up. YARD SALES are back again. Just as sure as the sun shines, yard sales pop up in everyone's yard as soon as it gets warm weather! So of course, old TG thought it was time to do a little redecorating at her house at the lake. You know people come and go at the lake all the time. It's their "home away from their real home" and they just leave it like it is until one day it hits them right between the eyes and they can't stand it another minute.

Well, you have heard me say many times that I have a glass room that allows me to see everything that is going on out on the lake but on this day I thought it would be nice to type my columns out there so I could see that wonderful water. Well, I had a table, a lazy boy chair and a television. It hit me, I had nowhere for my computer. So, the old brain began to work and figured out I needed my computer on the table there and a "CHAIR" that you could sit straight up. I am the old fashion person that was taught that you sat with both feet on the floor and your keyboard at you waist height on a flat surface. Yes, I must say this is really telling my age and that will be another story you will see in the future because there are a lot of people out there that are "hung up on age"!

Anyway, I called my girlfriend and told her I was even going to really spend big money and get two chairs. I planned to check out the used furniture stores and yard sales!

As I was driving down the road to pick her up, the daughter called to say she was in Russellville and she was on her way to my house! Man, was that a surprise. So of course that stopped the shopping trip. Yes, I was upset because I was really excited about going on the "first yard sale" trip of the season. But a miracle happened! Yep, you know old TG still believes in miracles and after telling the daughter what we were going to do, she saw three chairs sitting in a yard along with a lot of other treasures on the way to the lake.

You got it, my neighbor just happened to be there with his truck and I just happen to have enough cash to purchase those THREE chairs that matched. The wood exactly matched the table and the bottoms in the seats matched the base of the table. Man, was I happy.

Yes, I even typed this column on that table sitting in one of those beautiful chairs. Come on by to see me some time, I will let you view that beautiful water sitting in one of my new chairs.

Well, I can't close without telling you my favorite neighbor just happened to return and commented that I had really been "running up and down" the road a lot lately. You know me, I must have the last word! I told her "I'd been enjoying every moment" cause you know that is all we have." She acted surprised that I would say such a thing. Bye now!