Just like always, old TG loves Spring Cleaning. Yes, women you have my permission to move anything in your house to anywhere you like it. I don't know why it is but somedays you get up and you just don't like anything in your house. So what do you do? Well, you do just like I did and go up to Wayne's Place and pour your heart out that you are sick and tired of what you have in your house and you are looking for someone to help you move things around.

I bet you thought that everyone would just jump up and down and say "PICK ME". No, that is not the case, all the men looked at each other and thought "well, it's spring again and I will be doing that at home"!

Well, you know that nothing is going to stop old TG if she gets a notion in her head. I found out the name of one man that was not there and I stopped by his house and asked if he was available. He said only if I found another man to help. For some reason he probably thought I would not be able to find help for him and he would be off the hook. So of course I call my "trusted" friend, you know the one I always call and he said, "I would love to help". Now if you believe that I will tell you another funny.

So at 10 o'clock the sofa on the porch just moved to my living area by the "sweetest men" I have ever had as friends. They did such a good job I just had them take the sofa that was in the living area originally and put it in the place of the other one on the porch. I tried to pay them but they ran away as fast as they could. I just know they thought I had something else to move.

Then to my great surprise, the news probably spread and another friend appeared and asked if there was anything they could do. I told them I had a table in my car and I was going to move the present table out of the house and put the one in my car in its place. Would you believe it if I told you that happened with the snap of a finger? Then there was the question of what to do with the old table. My friend, of course asked if I would was going to sell it. For some silly reason, he wanted to know how much I wanted for it. I asked, "Is free cheap enough"! Guess what that table and chairs disappeared also!

Then I had just one more problem and this person who got the free table felt like he had to help with that project. So off to a friend's house that had my TV stand that Amazon had delivered to the wrong house and he took it home and was going to assemble for me. But he called to say it was damaged. So now that problem is now back in my lap. You know old TG can handle it.

As I have always said, there is not one place in the world that has people like the lake and the surrounding areas. They are always there for you. All of you know who you are, Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

I am speaking for myself, I truly enjoyed every moment while this was happening! I know my friends did. Bye now!