People, I have had a very strange week. It started last Sunday afternoon when the wind blew and blew and my angel that sits on the porch tried to fly and fell to the concrete floor and broke into a million pieces. I did not realize this until the next morning. I also found my trash can and some others on my street had been blown all over everywhere. Then as I was trying to get out to go to Wayne’s place, there was tree limbs all over the place. I use to have a neighbor who had to go to work very early in the morning and he always cleaned the path for me. But he just up and moved away. Man, I miss him, especially when we have a storm.

I am still looking for my male mallard. I am really scared that something got him, especially after the two females survived the winter.

You know spring always means the woman of the house gets a “wild hair” and has to clean for the New Year and she always move the furniture. Well, I must tell you, I flipped this year and while I was away at my “home away from home”, I had my upstairs painted pink! Yes, I said pink.

So after I cried and cried over my decision, I decided I had to do something to really make a statement. And boy did I do that! Everything that was downstairs is now upstairs and everything upstairs is either downstairs or out for the garbage man. Some things found their way to a few friends house who said they would love to have them. That’s the kind of friends I like to have.

I am now at the Daughter's house and I have suggested to her that she needs to do the same…not paint anything pink but move the furniture around. We loved it but her man friend was not so pleased because we convinced him to help. Now you men out there, this is just a “woman thing”. One day you get up and your wife has your entire day planned for you. The best thing for you to do is just “SMILE” and say “yes, Dear!”

Those of you who order from Amazon need to watch when you order something. Lately, it has been sending it to the last place you had a package delivered. That is not good since one of my packages went to my “home away from home” down south and I have not been able to get it forwarded yet.

I can't write another word until I mention what a wonder Big Blue UK Basketball team we have had this year. Man, I loved every minute of the season. But of course I was not too glad with the last game but there is always next year. You better believe I will wear my Big UK sweatshirtrt with pride. Hope you do the same even if you aren’t a fan of basketball.

I will close with the good news thaEasterer is on the way. Fishing boats are already on the lake. Tournaments are already starting and my favorite was seeing a pontoon with all the people enjoying our great LAKE MALONE. Let’s all remember that we need to keep it clean. Don’t throw trash in the water while you are enjoying every moment. You know old TG don’t like that. Till next time, Bye now!