Hey there everybody, whoever created the saying "there's no place like HOME, must have been gone from home for as long as I have been. Why is it you are so anxious to go on a trip and when you are home, you look out over that water and think to yourself, "man I love this place".

I have only one problem, I did not see my ducks for a long time and then one day, way in the distance, I saw two ducks swimming toward my house. Yes, I said two…there was no "green" head. I waited and waited and the Mother Mallard and her baby was busy eating all the Cheerios and I noticed that I could not tell which one was the "baby"! I now had two mallard ducks. Yep, no male was there. So you know that means, no more baby ducks. Why is it that men have to always get in on the act. Say a prayer everyone, maybe he was just lazy and did not come out that day or maybe he found a sweetheart somewhere else on the lake. Look in your yard and if you see him, just get your broom and tell him to go home to his wife and family.

Well, on to the next topic. Of course that is the "Big Blue" basketball team. Yes, I watched every game at my "home away from home" and wore my Kentucky jacket everywhere I went. I even found a few others wearing theirs and ask me if we didn't make friends immediately. Anyway, as I write this letter we are to play again on Friday night and at nine o'clock at night. Really! That is past my bedtime but you know I will be ready to shout "bad words" at anyone who will listen.

Of course my favorite fishermen were right out in front of my house the very day I got home. You know I had to ask each one it they had caught anything. Surprising enough, some had, so you guys out there get on the lake before everyone else discovers that they are biting. I will tell you that my little boat is still in storage and will stay there for just a little while. You see I am beginning my "spring cleaning" and man is that a job. Ladies get with it. Have your Hubby help before he gets that fishing pole out because you will never see him again.

I had lunch at "Shady Cliff" restaurant and I was delighted with their food. I can't wait to drop by this summer and get my favorite Cheese Burger. Tell them that old TG sent you.

I must tell you that I have a new neighbor up on the road above me. They are from Owensboro and of course I am glad to see a new face near my house. I must admit I had to come home and take my Christmas tree down and it does look a little strange for a little cedar tree near my house to have Christmas decorations still on it. So that is my next project after the "spring cleaning" project is finished.

To all you that follow old TG in the newspaper, I will send my "old" and favorite message and as we go through this life it gets even more important, please "enjoy the moment" because people that is all we have. I know this first hand. Bye now!