They say all good things must come to an end and I am afraid this is one of those things! My trip down south has been very different this year and I am sure each of you know why. But as they say, Life must go one and believe me it is going to "GO ON!"

In my home away from home I have met people from all over the United States and I must say, "I loved them all".

It's really like living on the lake, just one big happy group. Yes, I know that there are several different groups that we have in Kentucky but when anybody needs anything, a neighbor is always there to lend a helping hand.

The weather has been horrible here and I know you all have been suffering just like I have. At least you did not have to pay for it…..Mother Nature just sent it down to "cool you right down to your toes" Also, I have been told that many places has had a lot of rain damage and my yard has not been spared. So not to worry, I will get the old rake out and be ready to start cleaning getting ready for the "First of May Celebration" which will be here before we know it. That is when the grills come out and everybody has a cook out.

Now, I will have to touch on a sensitive subject that I know everyone is anxious to discuss. Will the Big Blue make it through the next two games? I spoke to my favorite "Big Blue" expert and he says, "You know, ball teams will have their ups and downs"! And of course you know what my favorite word is…REALLY! More to follow next week. I will tell you that when I started this article we have two games to play. Now we won one and lost one. That means we have another one to win. I thought I was gonna have the big one in the last game. They always wait to the very end of the game to begin to play.

The Daughter will arrive next week and I will be packing to start home. I know you will be glad to see me and I certainly will be glad to see everyone at Wayne's place. It seems like I have been gone forever.

Now you know I am gonna tell you to, "enjoy every moment" so you just go right on and make sure you keep yourself happy and safe. Especially when you are screaming your heart out for the "Big Blue!" Bye now.