Well, you guys out there at Lake Malone, your old Buddy is just about ready to return to God’s Country!

I have heard all kinds of news about the water being up and trash is everywhere. Well, Buddies, this happens every year and we just drag out the “old rake” and get busy.

One thing I have been worried about is my “precious ducks”! There is really no one close to me that I can call on to feed my ducks. But it seems every year when I return, there they are just “quacking” all over the place.

I have a great big “pink” Flamingo that is going to take up residence at my dock, so when you drive by you will know where “old TG” lives. Also, my biggest challenge this year is to master driving my boat up and down the lake. I have a great brave friend that says she will ride with me just in the chance I lose control and panic when I go out on the lake for the first time. So watch out you fishermen….Old Tulip is going to be out on her own this coming fishing season.

I will warn you up front that old TG has purchased two new bathing suits. So be sure you give me a “wave” as you drive by. Yep, I was given a “white lounge chair” and I plan on doing a lot of “heavy duty” resting in that chair just taking in the sun. I do believe it might be time for me to retire and “enjoy the moment” doing absolutely NOTHING!

I will tell you I have met a lot of new friends and especially four that will be making a special journey to the lake from UP NORTH! They can’t believe that we don’t shovel snow all winter long. I realize that we have had some bad weather here on the lake but it’s nothing like they have had. Some will be going back home to snow, the same snow they left to come south.

I must tell you I have kept up my cheering section for my beloved UK basketball team. They have really had some close games but I have the faith that we will win all the games in the future.

Till I meet you back at the lake, I am truly loving all the moments with all my new friends at my “home away from home!” Bye now.