People, I do believe I would lose my head if it was not tacked on! Tonight I was in charge of dominoes the games here in "never, never land". It is so much fun. Really people at the lake should be playing it all the time. Maybe I will start something. If you are interested in learning….let me know. I won't hold my breath because I have not found anybody to play bridge yet! Anyway, when I got home, I took off my glasses and laid them down just where I could find them….so I thought. When I had my pajamas on I could not find them. You talk about panic. I looked and looked and looked some more. I also called my friend on the next floor to come help me and of course, she said, you lost your glasses….REALLY! You know that is my favorite word. So I went back to the bedroom and crawled around on my hands and knees one more time and then I noticed them laying on the floor way back in the middle area of the bed on the floor I guess I dropped them as I was walking through the bedroom and then kicked them under there. This living by yourself is for the birds.

Anyway, on to my next trauma. You know, I never have problems only "earth-shaking" traumas. I am sure you know that I am the best Pecan Pie maker on the lake. Of course, I wouldn't brag but I just happened to be invited to a Super Bowl Party and I thought I would show off. Well, my friend had given me some beautiful whole pecans and I was going to make my pie for Sunday night. So I set out to look through my little condo for a pie pan. No pan, I called all my friends, no pie pan. I thought, how in the world are you going to make a pie if you don't have a pan? Then it finally dawned on me that you don't come to a fun place in the south to bake pies, you have sand shovels, buckets, and beach towels. Yep, I have all of those but no pans. So I started looking and would you believe Walmart did not have my favorite size….a friend looked on the other side of town and they were too big. So as I was sitting in church on Sunday morning and it came to me. Girl, go to Walmart and purchase two readymade pies and throw them away and use the pans. So I drove all the way as fast as the law would allow and there in the freezer case were two pans just the right size. So I purchased them, took all the soggy pie crust they had in the bottom and threw it away. Well, you know the end of that story, everyone enjoyed the pie and that was good.

Next trauma, my team LOST the Super Bowl game. Don't even ask me if I was mad. But the Big Blue basketball team beat Florida! That's a double yea….they were behind when I left with my friends going out to eat and by the time we got to the restaurant, they had won the game. Ask me if I was a happy little girl!

I have been told you all are having warmer weather. But I guess you know we are not having it here. It's been raining and the fog rolled in one afternoon and I know I could have cut it with a knife from my balcony but I was afraid I would fall.

All things must come to end and so before long, I will be back home at my beloved Lake Malone again. But till then, you can see I am enjoying every moment and you know you should be doing the same. Bye now!