By Tulip Green Lake Malone News

Well, here I am in my "home away from home" and it's COLD! Whoever told Mother Nature that I was coming south is on my "BAD" list! I thought I would just drive south and it would be warm and once again I am WRONG! The first few days were perfect. Perfect sunrise, just like the lake and then all of a sudden the dark clouds began to roll in and the sun rise has disappeared. I even walked around outside with my big "BLUE KENTUCKY JACKET "on and man it feels really warm. Speaking of the "Big Blue Team," are they doing great or what? I nearly flipped last night when they just ran down the floor and took control of the points. They acted like they really knew how to play basketball. At the beginning of the season, I was sorta wondering if they were going to make it.

I will tell you I am in a "man's paradise"! I have never seen so many women. We had a "meeting of the minds" to discuss how we were going to entertain ourselves and for some reason everyone wanted to talk at once! But we have one person that has a louder mouth than I do and she took charge and I mean right quick!

We have our schedule planned and man are we going to have fun. I am in charge of "dominoes." Of course I "goofed" up and went to play at the wrong time! Won't do that again. There is nothing like women that are upset! Of course, you men who read my column know that.

I am in a cute little condo that has a place for everything and of course, organized as I am, I should be able to put my hands on anything I want every time I want it. Well, the other morning I could not find my shoes. Yes, where can you go when it is cold outside and you can't find your shoes? I looked and was beginning to think I was getting "old." You know like always looking for your glasses and they are on your head! So, I just sat down and got mad and cried. They say a good cry will always do you good but believe me it does not find your shoes when you are late and can't find them. So, I just went about my own business, got dressed, sat down to drink my coffee and forgot about the shoes and just happen to see them "way up" under the overstuffed chair. I felt so foolish and thought to myself, "Old TG you are losing it." Everybody out there say a prayer for me right now because I certainly don't want to lose anything else.

I was told by a "spy" at Wayne's Place that I was off running around having fun and that I had already found a "boyfriend." Really, I am a little old for a "boyfriend" don't you think ... I corrected them right away. I told them if and when I started looking I would look for a MAN FRIEND! Of course no one could ever replace the Hubby. He was the greatest. But I still have trouble driving the car. You see he always wanted me to drive 50 miles an hour but here they nearly "blow me off the road" when they pass me. So I just got really daring and "kicked it up a notch or two." I am sure he is flipping over in heaven when he sees me speeding down the road. Maybe that is why we are having dark clouds and lots of wind. He's having one of his "fits" again. I think I will slow down a little so the sun will come out.

I must go and get ready. The ladies are going to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. You know the ones that serve those cute fruit drinks that all women like. I will have to find my shoes and "hit the road." I am trying really hard to "enjoy every moment while I am here in the "sunny" south and I hope you are even though it's cold! Bye now.