By Tulip Green Lake Malone News

Well, people out there in "Never Never Land", I guess you are wondering where the heck I have been. Believe me, I was not on a pleasure trip.

It all started on "Black Friday." You see the Daughter and I always "shop 'til we drop" on that day for the bargains we can find. Well, we went to Central City this time and man we tried on everything in that store. Some were too tight!!!! Then again some looked like heck on us but there was absolutely some items we could not leave at the store. You see we always select the Daughter's present to her from me and then I selected some things from me to me! You see this way it always fits and we know it looks good because we promise each other we will not let the other person purchase anything that does not make us look beautiful. Then we will all have a Merry Christmas.

Now on to the news from the lake. This year we have a community Christmas tree that has been established on our road. I will give you one guess who decided to start decorating a tree near my house. Well before I could get back up the road to the little tree, someone had put little red bows on it. You see I just put silver tinsel on it and the bows really looked great. Then a few days later I went back to put a large bow on the top and little candy canes were hanging from the branches.

One great thing that came out of his entire project was a truck pulled up to talk to me and guess what….he and his wife had purchased a house just up the gravel road above me. I felt the need to give him my phone number so he could call me if he needed to know where anything was around the lake. Also he was redoing the inside of the cabin, so I told him if he ever forgot any tools, then just drop by because I was sure the Hubby could help.

Then a few days later a truck pulled up in our drive and it was my new neighbor and his wife. Man, was I glad to meet her. And guess what, he said she LOVED to fish. Can you imagine that? I told him I could not wait for spring and she and I could fish together. We might let her Hubby and my Hubby tag along if they were good and didn't try to catch all the fish.

Today, was a very nice day on the water. Everyone who had a pontoon was on the water was taking their last cruise. Man, I will tell you it has been a cold wind off that water. But I still love "just looking" at it.

As you all know the "Big Blue" has started playing again and our little group has been cheering them on. We haven't been able to go lately because the Hubby has been a little under the weather. We need lots of prayers for him to get well because we will be leaving for the south just like we always do.

I must tell you that since he has been taking it easy, he has turn into a computer nerd! Not only is he doing puzzles on his computer but he now has an Ipad and is watching everyone on Facebook. Look out ladies, be careful what you put on there because he doesn't miss a trick.

You remember I told you about a soup recipe that a neighbor of mine gave me, well we went up for a Thanksgiving get together and she passed along how to make dumplings and macaroni and cheese! I had to admit my mother was a Yankee and I never learned to cook southern food.

I must close and get my beauty sleep because tomorrow I have to go to the dentist! So you know I won't be "enjoying those moments" until that fun trip is over. 'Til next time Bye now!