By Tulip Green Lake Malone News

Oh, man do I hate to admit that the summer is gone. We have had such a beautiful fall. Mother Nature has really "strutted her stuff" all this year really. But I might as well accept it .... it over. But that means I will have something to look forward to in the Spring.

I will tell you that I have a surprise for those people living on my road. There is this cute little cedar tree on the side of the road near my house and I plan to go up and decorate it for Christmas. Just as soon as the rain is over I will be on my way. So if you live near me be sure to look for it.

I will give you a boat and duck report. There is only two boats left on my side of the lake and I have been missing my ducks the past two weeks. All I could think about was their "little back side" sitting in that cold water, especially the baby duck. Well, all of a sudden I looked out my window and there they were right in the middle of the lake. I called them and they came running. The baby duck is now so big that I could not tell who was the baby and who was the mother duck. Maybe by spring I will have more little ducks. Yea ....

Well, I must say I am not proud of the UK ball teams this year. We went to a friend's house to see them play Tennessee. You see I am really a Tennessean at heart and I started to wear my Tennessee sweat shirt to the gathering but the Hubby said, REALLY! Of course you know the outcome of that game and everyone was upset. Anyway that was their football team. I am sure when the "round ball" team hits the floor it will be a different story.

I will change the subject, I ate the most fabulous soup at this gathering. It is one of the soups they serve at Olive Garden in Clarksville. Man, when I walked in I smelled it cooking and I knew exactly what it was. After she let me have a little cup full, I told her it was better than Olive Garden because it had lots of stuff in it. Her Hubby told me not to do that again because her head would swell so big she would be able to get through the door. That's when the fight started. I really thought the Hubby and I was the only one that did that.

I told the group that when the Hubby and I go to the doctor in Clarksville that is always our treat, a stop at the Olive Garden for lunch.

Of course I begged her for a copy and today while I was at Walmart for the second time this week, I bought all the ingredients and I plan to make it tomorrow. As my Grandmother use to say, "This is just like eating uptown "when she cooked something special. If it turns out, I will put it in my column one of these days.

I had the funniest thing happen this past week. I became the proud owner of a really "fancy" ironing board. As I was having such a fit over it, the Hubby just had to say, "woman haven't you ever seen an iron board before?" I won't mention my reply in the paper. But I will tell you it was not good. Anyway, that meant my poor little board needed a new home. I called everyone I knew and asked if they would like my little ironing board and nobody wanted it. One friend replied, what .... you don't iron swim suits and short. That is all I have at the lake. Maybe the garbage man will take it home with him.

I do want to take a moment to mention that I think that Veterans Day was a great success. Everywhere I went they were honoring our vets. They even were giving cups cakes with red, white and blue stripped icing away at Walmart. Also displaying all their employees that were veterans. I never thought that I would have two granddaughters that were in the armed services but one is in England and one is in Germany. The Hubby and his daughter was both in the Army. I used to kid my brother who was in the Navy at the same time that Elvis was in the Army. I told him I really felt secure since he and Elvin was guarding our country.

I guess I better get with the program here and start thinking about Thanksgiving. Shady Cliff is taking reservations for their special dinner on that day. Give them a call. The Hubby and I have already been by to sample their food and of course we enjoyed every bite. Once again, if you go by tell them that old TG sent you.

Till then, I will be right here enjoying the moment watching the rain drops fall in beautiful Lake Malone. Bye now.