By Tulip Green Lake Malone News

This morning as I woke and opened my blinds I saw the most beautiful sunrise over the lake. I get sunsets that are out of this world but never a sunrise. Ask me if I was taking pictures. I wish the News-Democrat could post some of these in my column but you never know… is changing every day. They have a phone system now that I can finally call and talk to their editor! I also figured out that it was because of the time change. Normally I would have been on my way to Wayne's Place and I would not have seen it. Thanks, Mother Nature.

There is another serious subject we need to discuss. One thing that I have discovered while spending hours just "looking out my windows"! I have come to the conclusion that fishermen have to be the most patient people in the world. I often thought it was Mothers but I do believe the Fishermen of Lake Malone should be classed as #1. There is not a morning goes by that I don't see a man in a boat, don't care how hot or cold it is, patiently floating by and of course you know me….I have to go out on my porch and ask the same old question, "are you catching any fish today" and I see the same sad face and hear the same answer over and over again.

Sorry Mothers, I think they have got you beat. But believe me you are high on my "patience" chart anyway. But there is one great thing you have going for you…..that child you have grows up, and eventuality they will got out and purchase a fishing boat and join all the other guys on the lake. I don't see too many women. Are women smart or do they just don't like to fish? That is the question for the day.

Well, the long awaited day came on Sunday. The Hubby and I went to eat lunch at the new renovated Shady Cliff Restaurant. It is so great to have a place to eat after church on Sunday. But of course you know they are open every day of the week except Monday. Anyway, the inside looks great, the service is "out of this world" and of course I loved my food. So now all you people out there need to go and see for yourself and by all means, tell them that old TG sent you.

Thank goodness the election is over and now we can concentrate on the Big Blue! Tonight they are playing Duke and the Hubby is making me crazy just flipping back and forth from one channel to another. Ladies, don't you just want to fight when your Hubby does that. By the way, they lost BIG TIME! Hey guys, get it together.

I will close today with another praise for Mother Nature. She has provided us with the most beautiful fall I have seen at the lake in a long time. But I must admit I am a little sad to see my great big beautiful trees all "naked as jay birds" as my Mama use to say. The only good thing about "falling leaves" is the exercise you get raking! And I mean all afternoon. Till next time, you know I will be enjoying every moment with a rake in my hand. Bye now!