By Tulip Green Lake Malone News

Today, I watched a leaf float down from the big tree in my front yard. I looked out over the lake and the water is really down. The bottom of the lake is showing around the edges. The crowd of boats, wave runners and fishermen are not here as usual.

Yep, summer is gone. I asked myself, where on earth has it gone? There are things I planned to do. Places I wanted to visit and friends I was going to get in touch with. But now it's FALL.

Then you ask, where on earth has Tulip Green been? Sometimes her column is not in the paper. Well, the Hubby has been a little under the weather and I want to thank each of you for your prayers and concerns. I will tell you that Miracles are still happening. He is back on his feet again.

I just got my kayak in the water and now it is time for the Annual Kayak Race. I did not get to go last year because I had a minor problem and now I haven't even gotten in shape for this trip. I was told it is going to be bigger and better than ever. I have seen more kayaks on the lake this year than I have ever seen before….everybody but me! Its going to start at the dam and end up at Sherwood Point. It will be at noon on the Saturday after Labor day. Do not know the time yet. I spoke with a friend of mine that is always on top of things and she tells me "if you can't make it all the way to the end, there will be people on hand to pick you up"! People do you realize that is all uphill against the wind. I think old TG better think this through before she commits to this trip. They may have to pick me up on the way to the dam.

I will tell you that we have had some really nice people on the lake this year. No one threw any trash that I have found in my yard. Everyone had flags and happy faces as they raced by. But I must tell you we have had the most beautiful fishing boats at night. There is one that plays beautiful music. One night I woke up to my favorite song and I thought I was in heaven because the house was dark and that music was all around.

There is one that comes by all the time, it has purple and green down the side and he and his partner argue every time they get to my house. If the wind is just right they sound like they are in my bedroom. Warning, you better watch what you say cause Old TG can still hear pretty good.

I almost forgot Miss Duck had three little babies. But one did not make it. They are so cute to watch them hang on to their Moms feathers as she pulls them through the water. I also have to crumble up my cheerios so they can eat them. I truly hope they will stay alive until they are grown. We have Otters that have taken up residence in front of my house. Mr. Duck is pretty good at standing watch for them.

You must try "Friday Night Fish Fry" at Wayne's Place. It is the very best. They are carrying other things besides sandwiches now. Such as fruit, canned goods and such. Since the IGA closed, we are just left with no where to shop.

I will say good bye so I can go and look for my rake! You know the next thing will be leaves falling everywhere. Remember to enjoy every moment we have left of summer, cause Old Man Winter is just around the corner. Bye now.