By Tulip Green Lake Malone News

They say everything must have a happy ending and of course I definitely want my wonderful "trip away from home" to be the same. Yes, I have the most wonderful thing happening at the moment. I will share it with you. It is short and sweet and I hope you take notice because it is why I have bored you with my famous statement….."ENJOY THE MOMENT"! We all have just an allotted time to enjoy being here on this earth and sometime we take that time for granted.

You remember I told you I was sick, well you know how the Hubby is…he is always trying to "out do me" and this time he really did. He landed in the hospital. Man, was that a shock to that hospital. Don't get all upset….they put "Humpty Dumpty" back together again and they have done a wonderful job on him.

We have been coming to the same place for seven years and have really connected with some wonderful people throughout this wonderful country and every year we connect once again and then go our separate way for another year. Everyone has been just wonderful and the Hubby will be coming home today and I thank God that he is in "one piece"! You never know how much you love a person until there is something wrong with them. But you know I have always known he is a "tough old bird".

So as I sit and watch the waves roll in, I realize there is nothing better than getting ready to come back to my "OLD KENTUCKY HOME" and Lake Malone.

On a lighter note, I cannot close until I mention that a dear friend called to tell me that the "BIG BLUE" looked really fine. I got to see the first half but there will be other games. So glad they won. Miracles are still happening. I have some wonderful stories to tell you in the future. So stay in touch.

I will be right here "enjoying every precious moment" with my Grumpy Hubby.

Till next time, look around you, see if there is some person you can help. They need you. Bye now!