God can neither be scientifically proved or disproved, because no one can present God as proof that He exist. Likewise, science can not prove that the universe and earth came into existence from nothing and evolved into this complex planet that we inhabit today. Science itself declares that matter can neither be created or destroyed, so where did matter for a big explosion come from in the beginning? Scientific experimentation cannot prove that the universe came into being haphazardly by chance and neither can it disprove the existence of an all powerful creator. So, where does that leave us?

Since we can’t use God’s word as proof in this discourse, because humanist don’t believe it is God’s word, where can we go? First I would say, we can go to nature and look at the things that are. If we look at the delicate wings of a hummingbird and contrarily the armor like toughness of a rhino’s skin, we see a design and order that is incomprehensible to our human mind. Look at the sunrise, the stars, the sea, and the rain. Every single leaf. each blade of grass, and each internal organ of living bodies show intricate design executed in the most complex and perfect detail. Common sense tells us this degree of order does not come from haphazard chaos. That would be like waking up one morning to find a new car sitting in our driveway and chalking it up to mere happenstance. Believing that it just appeared from thin air and evolved into this beautiful machine over millions of years. No, a car calls for a plan, a designer, and a builder that makes it all come together into the final perfected machine.

Let’s just look at a few facts of our earth and solar system. (Encyclopedia Britannica) Could it be by mere chance we are exactly the right distance from the sun, which by the way has a surface temperature of near 12000 degrees, to keep us from burning up or being frozen solid? Is it by chance that our planet rotates on its axis at the speed it does and is tilted to the precise 23° angle that makes changing seasons possible and prevents continents of ice piling up at the poles? Could it be mere chance that our atmosphere is exactly the right thickness to insulate the earth, making life possible, while burning up the space debris that bombards our planet daily? The crust of the earth is exactly the right thickness to allow oxygen formation that is absolutely necessary for our breath of life. Our moon is precisely the right distance from earth to make ocean tides just high enough, but not so high as to cover the entire land masses daily. There are tens of thousands of other things that must be “just right” for life to exist on our planet. I can not see one chance in several million of this being a haphazard accident that we are here.

No one can ever disprove the existence of God by any means, and neither can they validate their theory of evolution, since something evolving from nothing is impossible.

We as Christians believe that God is our creator, who made the universe and all that is in it. Our faith in God, his power, and his truth, revealed to us through his holy word, is the only valid argument that makes any sense to me. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth,” Genesis 1:1