Does what we have displayed on our refrigerator door reflect who we are? Let me check mine.

There are the great-grandchildren in various poses, smiling through birthday cake icing on their face, some with missing teeth. However, they haven't replaced their dad's photo holding his Little League bat, cap askew; his picture has only been moved over.

A lopsided heart cutout that says "I love you" in uneven letters tells me on the back that it was created by a little friend at Sunday school. Not that I would forget.

Front and center is a sticky note reminding me of a dental appointment coming up soon. Alongside is a note pad with magnetized backing on which I write items to get from the grocery store. Otherwise, I will fail to pick up the very thing that I need the most.

A short typed rhyme that has been there for a long time speaks volumes of a principle we should practice more, regardless of our circumstance:

"Make it last, wear it out.

Make do, or do without."

A clipped Family Circus cartoon, slightly yellowing and corners curling, shows Dolly explaining a truth to Jeffy: "Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a GIFT. That's why it's called the present," she said.

Hooked to a little suction cup hanger is a three-inch-square beautifully hand-stitched quilt block. The pattern is a triangular dish, constructed with a tiny pocket open and ready to be filled. It was a place favor at a homemaker club event that I attended years ago. It reflects the beauty and the goodness of homemaking. The colors match my kitchen scheme, but if they didn't, I expect it would hang there anyway.

A magnetic sign shaped as a miniature dial telephone carries the number of the area Agency on Aging--toll free for information, assistance, and benefits counseling. Wonder if the number is still valid? Probably I should check and update, in case I should want to use it someday.

Yes. I guess my refrigerator door postings reveal a lot about who I am. So be it.