What does God look like? I pondered on this when I was really young in a church in Trenton, Kentucky. So, I thought God just had to look like the chubby preacher I saw up in the pulpit.

People also have ideas of God-maybe He is a tyrant, Santa Claus, or He's completely like us. This means people often put God in a box. We see Him as smaller than He is.

Yet, the apostles saw a big God. If we take a step of faith, Acts 4 shows us what will happen.

In Acts 4;1-2, the apostles gladly talked about Jesus and the rising of the dead.

They had faith to bring God out of the box. We should make sure our faith is not boxed in with people or places or times. We must trust. When I wrecked my car twice in two weeks in Logan County in 2014, God dealt with me about giving more to missions and His work. I can't take anything with me; I need to trust Him to take care of me while I take care of His work.

I wash a lot of dishes. When I squeeze water in the sponge, water comes out. In the same way. we should take in good about Jesus and then let it out.

Yet, when we talk about Jesus, we will see trouble. In verse 3, the apostles went to jail.

Many need to know that God is a big caring God who will bring us through trouble. One man whom God rescued from addictions told me what his mentor told him, "You need a bigger God." That helped him. It's helped me too.

In Acts 4, verses 13-14, these apostles had the Holy Spirit and a walk with Jesus to give them wisdom when they were "unlearned." That same big God wants to help us too where we are lacking or "unlearned."

We can ask God for big things. We ask for a personal experience of just how great and loving He is. Also, our nation needs big help, and we must have faith to pray to a big God.

Yet, no matter the trouble, God still works. In Acts 4:4, The Apostles saw a growing church.

There are many church growth strategies and books written on how to improve your life. Nothing necessarily wrong with those, but the Bible shows God to be a big God that we should never limit Him to seven easy steps. God is big enough to heal lives here in Russellville and Logan County, no matter the drugs or sexual confusion or any other huge problems. Just as He used the apostles, God is big enough to use us when we come to Him, in spite of our shortcomings.

In my job as waste coordinator, I break down boxes to recycle them. Sometimes, I have to smash and rip and stomp and tear into a box to make it flatter (It can kinda be fun.) May we break down any box we have put our Lord and Savior in. Let's make Him bigger in our lives.