IMAGINE what it would be like if people looked for the beauty and good all around us, not focusing on the ugly or the flaws. Both the positive and negative exist, and the one we concentrate on more is more likely to grow.

IMAGINE what could happen if we better recognized and acted on opportunities to help, not hinder. Filling needs would be overflowing and greed would dry up.

IMAGINE how the world would be changed if people chose to talk with one another, open-mindedly, intent on managing differences peacefully instead of jumping to destructive violence. Human beings are a brilliant creation, fully capable of figuring it out, if they would only choose that direction.

IMAGINE the explosion of personal joy and satisfaction if all people could grow to experience the rewarding pleasure of work. Many of the able-bodied miss the blessing of a job well done while waiting to be waited on.

IMAGINE what problems might be eliminated if we did not take for granted what we have. The environment must have managing along with consuming; we should care for and preserve, not waste and discard; learn to want enough, for all, not constantly more and more. True gratitude for what we have keeps discontent at bay.

IMAGINE, oh, imagine what might be accomplished if people spent their time wisely. Just using time to think right thoughts can propel us toward taking productive paths.

IMAGINE the services that could be provided and breakthrough discoveries that might be made if people took better advantage of opportunities in education, maintained a more healthful lifestyle for themselves in order to be their best, and nourished the spirit within.

IMAGINE that we all were willing to look in the mirror and begin