Like it or not, all of us are in fellowship or communion with others. My seventh-grade teacher down at Olmstead vacationed in Hawaii hoping to get a break from her class and, lo and behold, there in Hawaii also vacationing was one of her students from class. We can’t get away from fellowship.

It was great seeing many churches come together in the community revival held in Russellville earlier this year. Yet, many in our community still feel alone, like no one cares. God calls us to good fellowship, as taught in the Scriptures in First John. This is true for the holiday season we are in and all the time.

1. We can fellowship with God. In 1st John 1:3, the Bible tells us Christians are saved and should want to experience and know Jesus, just as the apostles did. No one can escape the presence of God, but many sadly stay outside of the love and grace He offers all.

Yet, God wants to know us in spite of our weakness, and He proves it by sending His Spirit and presence. One time driving home from ministry, I was sick as a dog with the stomach bug. Yet, when I prayed, I felt God’s fellowship in that car more powerfully than most other times.

Whether we feel like it or not, we should make an effort to talk to God. He wants to know us more.

2. We can fellowship with one another. In 1st John 1:7, walking in God’s light lets us love each other. So, we fellowship with all. The early church had a variety of people suddenly put together, but they blessed each other with their gifts. In the same way, we have something to offer those younger or older, of other races and places. In the same way I mentored my parents on the computer, younger folks mentor me on cell phone apps.

Also, we don’t just fellowship with those who can give us something. The church in Acts had relationship in one accord and shared possessions with those in need.

It was hard to fit in at a new church away from home in Missouri until I found a couple that welcomed me. College students don’t have a lot to give, but Rob and Jeanine gave to me anyway. I will never forget them living out fellowship.

We listen and we pray for people. We sacrifice to come close. And God blesses us when we care.

Wrapping up, the closer we get to eternity, the more we think about eternal fellowship. Don Piper in the book 90 minutes in Heaven describes feeling the warmth of others in Heaven-his friends and family who had gone on before. There were no strangers. 1 Thessalonians 4:17 reveals ultimate fellowship is with God and people when Jesus comes. We will be with Jesus but also “together” with others in the clouds. In the meantime, we are never closer to Heaven than good fellowship.

God desires our friendship today! Someone needs our friendship today! Every day is a holiday with fellowship.