We are weak. We have plans of our lives that are hard to keep. One woman watched her husband weighing on the scales. He was sucking in his stomach. She said, “That won’t help.” He said, “Sure it will. It’s the only way I can see the numbers.” — Isaiah 46

But we serve a God who is all we need. In a new year, we should make a plan to focus on Him, and He will see us through all our other plans. How is God our all-loving God?

In Isaiah 46, people carried idols around all over the place. God told them he was different. Our God doesn’t need help. We do. But God is caring and sustaining throughout all our times. He doesn’t change when we do.

I’ve worked at kitchens and factories and schools but they change a lot. I don’t see some from my former workplaces because life changes.

We need the same message every year. God’s love doesn’t change. The same things God did in the Bible, He can do for us. Why? He is love.

In Isaiah 46:4, God carries us. I have seen that kind of on the roads. When my windshield wiper broke in the middle of nowhere recently, I was praying hard to get to a stop spot as rain almost blinded me on the road. When I cried out to Him, God cared enough to hear me, the rain let up, and I made it to my destination in one piece. He dries tears of the brokenhearted... and dries windshields with the broken wipers!

So what should we do? In Isaiah 46 12-13, we come to God if we have been far from Him. It is never too late to come to God; He is near! We have a new year and a new day to have all this love in our corner. Today can be a fresh start for us!

How? Through Jesus, God came near to us. His death shows the power of God, not just in strength, but in weaknesses like we have. We can live right in this year in the areas we struggle in.

What will this year hold? We don’t know except it’s all in His hands, and we should put ourselves in His hands too. Keep praying and believing that an all-loving God hears.