Last time I had the privilege to share in the newspaper, it was on revival. Following up on this truth, God wants a new fire for our nation and the Church. In 1796, Pastor James McGready had a covenant with the Congregation to pray evenings and mornings for the saving of souls in Logan County. God sent the 2nd Great Awakening. But late in his life, he was praying for people to be saved. He said, "Blessed be God, I feel that same holy fire." Like him, we need it again.

In First Chronicles 7:1, when Solomon prayed the fire fell. God is a Miracle Worker!

Everything changes. They even built a Sol Azteca and Casey's in Auburn. But our God never changes. We must remember this when times get rough and if our hearts get proud. But what happens when the fire isn't falling? How do we see God return? God tells us what to do in 1 Chronicles 7:14.

It begins-"If my people, who are called by my name." We can't help the world until He works in us. And truly, there is no greater name than the name of Jesus for power to see answered prayer.

His people are to "Humble themselves" -- God's people must be willing to bow the knee to His will, and not ours. We have so much, it is a struggle to be humble, but we can't wait to bow later.

"Pray and seek My Face " -- We must pray for our nation and keep praying until God answers. During 9/11, I remember many who prayed but sadly didn't continue when the crisis seemed past. Prayer must continue. We pray for our leaders -- they need it. One Christian leader refused to pray for President Andrew Johnson after the bitterness of the Civil War, even though the President greatly needed God's wisdom.

Kids beg to be heard when they talk. They cry and will do it all to get noticed by an adult. We could learn a lesson from them, in our cries to our Heavenly Father.

"Turn Away from wicked ways. -- -The sins of our nation must be turned away from. It seems impossible, but it's not impossible with God. In a nation that celebrates liberty, there is great liberty when the Son sets us free from sin.

Then, God will work:

"He will hear from Heaven" -- He strains his ear to hear us in our deepest cries. This is a powerful promise when God seems one million miles away. He will also "Forgive their sin" One day a man wanted to reconcile with his son Paco. His dad put and ad in the newspaper, "Meet me by the paper office, all is forgiven." Next day, 100 Pacos showed up desiring reconciliation. We crave to be forgiven, and those who turn to Jesus are never disappointed.

Finally, he promises to "Heal their land." -- He blesses us when we turn to Him, and those blessings are so that we can send missionaries and do more good. The fire needs to burn brighter still until Jesus comes back.

May we feel God's love for our nation and pray to see the fire again. When we pray as a church, God will send more.