The prophet was bamboozled. He was supposed to know all this stuff, but Habakkuk had to ask God, “How long are things gonna be like this? Why?” In this Bible book, God’s people weren’t doing well at all. And this year, we have struggled with these same questions. Why this virus? Why has the election gone like it has? What’s God doing?

God basically responds back to the prophet, “If I told you, you wouldn’t believe it.” Some things we can’t handle just yet. From my experience, it was like the time I was trying to teach elementary age kids algebra when I worked down in Clarksville. It was so hard because they weren’t ready.

But when we are ready, God will let us know. And later in the book, God tells Habakkuk, “Write it down and make it plain.” Many things I think I’ll remember with no problem, but when I don’t write them down or tell it to my phone to remind me, I’ll forget faster than Chandler’s Chapel forgot President Millard Fillmore. (Chandlers used to be named after him.) When God shows us things from His Word, it’s a good idea to soon write it down.

God also told Habakkuk that everything that is supposed to happen, will happen in its time. But he had to wait for it. God tells us in His Word many things to come, and though we may not see how they can happen yet, just wait. More will be revealed as we hang in with God by faith. God revealed to Habakkuk that wicked people and times will always be there, but we don’t worry about it and live by faith in a God that has all under control.

I felt led by God to go to a specific Bible College and get training. However, I wasn’t sure how it was going to be paid for without going into large amounts of student loan debt. But God took care of the funds for me to go right on time. When we trust His plan, He’s good to make a way.

But even if we don’t have what we need just yet, we can still rejoice in the Lord. At the end of the book of Habakkuk, he says he is going to be glad if there were no cattle or crops. In the same way, if it happened where there weren’t paper towels in the stores again or got sick or people came against our faith, we can still live by faith and trust God that He knows what He’s doing. In all the questions, the most important isn’t the how or why, but the who. And the who is Jesus, who made the way. Let’s trust Him.