When losing, it's easy to want to quit. When I was little, I'd slam the basketball down whenever my brother would score a few times in a row. I'd want to quit. The devil would love nothing more than for us to slam down our fist and say, "Forget church. It's not worth it." But we can't quit on God's plan-His church house.

Haggai is not a famous Bible book, but it has a good message. God wants us to keep working on his house to win.

Israel had a hard time. They returned home after being in exile. The people had started to rebuild God's Temple, but enemies discouraged them and they quit.

Church is hard sometimes. People in church can do us harm. I've had pastors who promise stuff they never do, and other leaders proclaim their "disdain" for me in gossip. One family left a church I was in when the church was not enough like a popular televangelist's church.

Other things happen. Outsiders can come against a church and try to use the legal system to cause trouble. Tragedies can happen. All of us have had dear Christian loved ones in our churches pass away. But we can't quit; church isn't about us. It's about honoring God and the others who need encouragement.

Haggai told the people they needed to honor God and build His house, and then he could honor their ways. It's the same with us. God blesses us when we take care of others and take care of His house.

Well, the people listened and started to rebuild the Temple. They feared the Lord. Like these folks, I've had to learn some things like church aren't just a big joke and must be taken seriously.

God promised His Spirit would remain, even though the new Temple seemed miniature. No matter how big or small the church is, if the Spirit is there, that's more than enough. God even promised the glory of this new small temple would be greater than the glory of the old one. Indeed, it would last longer, and Jesus would minister there 500 years later. We just hang in; when Jesus shows up and blesses a church, it's worth the wait.

People talk about church attendance going down in our nation and even in our area, but never fear, Jesus will build the church with us, and hell will never win. As the time for Jesus' return gets closer, we should see His people draw closer. Yet, it's up to us to attend church with His people whenever we can, ready to do our part for His house.

We can't give up. A church I was a part of wanted to build a gym. Well, the first contractor stole money and left a giant hole in the ground. The second contractor had many delays. The debt was huge; the ridicule was huge. Yet, people refused to give up and with God's help, got a beautiful church gym. (And no, I didn't slam down the basketballs there when I lost.) Even when problems come, we should pray we don't give up on His house.